Robot Empire: Dawn Exodus: A Science Fiction Adventure

“The influence of Asimov is quickly felt.”

When the children of humanity return to claim their inheritance who will stand against them?

Asteroid ship Dawn carries the most precious of cargo – a pocket of humanity that has been travelling since before The Upgrade. Can they survive an encounter with a brutal federation thriving in the embers of empire?

What happens when the steel eyes of The Robot Empire turn in their direction? Will the human race survive? Or will master become slave?

If you like Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica then you’ll enjoy Dawn Exodus, the first book in the Robot Empire series of science fiction adventures on a galactic scale and in the classic tradition.

“Reminiscent of some of my favorite old time SciFi authors. Asimov, Heinlein, Niven. I may have found a new favorite author.” – Mark<

“An aging colony ship with an agricultural society, robots and a confused crew. The potential is here for inspired world building. I’m ready to read the next book.” – Belle

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