Are there really short cuts to learning the piano quickly?

You may wonder. is it actually feasible to learn to play piano well in a very short period of time? That would be impossible due to the fact that most
pianists report that it took them years to reach their acclaimed level. Nonetheless, there is a way to boost your learning progress. You might be asking
yourself just how, right? Well, quicker advancements are truly possible if you learn to adapt to the correct posture while playing the piano.

Posture is very important when playing the piano. Observe accomplished pianists; they have great posture at all times. Never will you see one slouching in front of it.

Without the proper posture, you will struggle to “tickle the ivories”. Some claim that it is simpler to teach youngsters the proper posture, but even if you’re a grown-up, you can learn to improve by following these steps:

1. Try to picture yourself sitting and you’re about to play the piano. See yourself as a giraffe; feeling as if your neck and head could reach the ceiling.

2. Then extend your arms. Try to think of your arms as the wings of an angel. Stretch your arms to the sides until your elbows are horizontally aimed.

3. Now, shift your focus to your hands. Check out your fingers and position them like the legs of a crawler. Stroll each of your fingers to the piano keys.

4. Remember, you need to sit on the bench with ease and confidence. Imagine that you are the very best pianist there is.

5. When sitting on the bench, your elbows ought to be situated right before the tummy. Stretch your arms until your fingers touch the piano keys. Never
ever shoot ahead. Sit as if you’re glued to the bench.

Visualize these steps before you play the first note. Follow these steps one at a time until they become second nature to you. Through this visualization, your body and mind will connect and lead you to success. There is no doubt, playing the piano well starts with your pose. You’ll be amazed at the difference it will make to your play.

The truth is, unless you are a genius you will not know how to play the piano instantly, no one can.